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Our Testimonials

At Oak Dental Care we are proud to offer high quality dental treatment. Our services range from dental implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening to regular check ups. Our work is completely focused on enhancing your smile to give you the confidence you deserve in any situation.

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Matt Towey

Professional sports massage therapist for world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, and many other professional athletes including Premier League footballers and UFC fighters . He recently had whitening and composite bonding at Oak Dental and here’s what he said.


‘I have always been conscious about the gaps in my smile and the way that my teeth look. I had tooth whitening done by Nicola, and composite bonding by Dan at Oak Dental Care to remove the gaps, and improve the colour and shapes of my teeth. I’m delighted with the results and can now smile with confidence, something that I’ve never been able to do!’

A great testimonial from Kristian Blacklock at Conquer Fitness Ormskirk

Personal trainer of Tyson and Tommy Fury as well as other elite athletes.

Working in the fitness industry is all about performance and appearance . For many years I’ve been very conscious about my teeth and wouldn’t show them at all when smiling for photographs. I had whitening and composite bonding at Oak Dental to improve the appearance and was amazed by the difference . There were no needles and very little drilling , and best of all no pain! My confidence had improved massively and I can smile for photographs. Thanks so much to Dan, Nicola and all the team at Oak Dental Care.

Thomas Reilly - Composite Venners (No pain and no needles required)

Extremely happy with the work that’s been done by Oak Dental Care. The composite veneers have got rid of the gaps which bring a more natural and improved look to my teeth. I now feel a lot more confident whilst at work and in social situations. I honestly wish I had this treatment done years ago. I am also amazed that I felt no pain and didn't require any needles during the process of my treatment. 

I would recommend anyone to visit Oak Dental Care and talk to the staff because you will be surprised how simple, easy and great value for money it is for the service they provide. 

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