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Dentures, can be full, replacing an entire jaw of teeth, or partial, to replace one or more missing teeth by filling the gaps.

They can be made from a lightweight hard acrylic material, or from a light weight metal alloy framework. The latter can be more effective for partial dentures as they are supported by the other teeth and gums, rather than just the soft tissues alone, which can prevent recession of the gums after a number of years, which can happen with hard plastic partial dentures long term.


Valplast or flexible plastic dentures (partial dentures only) fit snugly against remaining teeth. This is an alternative option and can be more comfortable and in certain circumstances allow a tighter fit



All dentures can be made to look very natural and aesthetically pleasing. Retention (tightness) can always be an issue, and most denture wearers at some point can experience looseness or soreness, particularly the more teeth that are lost. They may need replacing from time to time, or alternative treatments considered such as implants or bridgework.


Any Denture - full or partial does not have to ‘look false’ but retention (tightness) is always an issue and most denture wearers complain of loose dentures and soreness from time to time.

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