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Appearance of finished teeth

Every effort will be made to ensure your final teeth look natural and just the way you want them to appear.  Unfortunately it is not always possible to guarantee the appearance of the gum tissue surrounding the implant teeth.  This may be the case if you have had gum disease or been without teeth for many years or have lost jawbone as a result of an accident.  In this situation it may be necessary to replace the missing or damaged gum by grafting procedures or the application of gum coloured plastic.  Your dentist will discuss these alternatives with you should they be required.


If the implant tooth or crown is biting against natural teeth occasionally it may be necessary to adjust the height or length of the real teeth.  This is because natural teeth have a tendency to continue growing out of the gum or over-erupt when they have no corresponding tooth to bite against.  As a result the height of the over-erupted tooth may need to be reduced by slight grinding to correct the over-eruption.  This tooth adjustment is only minor so a local anaesthetic is not required.

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